We source information and use laboratories for learning about innovation to eventually create value for our clients.
The methodology involves working diligently to uncover innovative concepts, ideas and practices in order to turn all
of the understanding gained into sustainable business value – consistently and our model’s aim is to do it cost effectively and on time.

The founding partners of i2p innovations have worked on thousands of projects for nearly a decade– continually learning, refining and translating that understanding into powerful methods that help organizations of all sizes or individuals with any background.

The information concerning any client irrespective of its value is kept confidential. The work process involves signing
a contract and the delivery of output is as per the urgency, with some additional cost if the timelines are challenging.

We provide :

Solutions to critical-path problems

Handle challenging surveys as well as intelligence of all kinds

Access to technologies that are for lending or selling

Access to or facilitate platform to carry out R&D for those who cannot afford

Platform to build or develop prototypes relating to any field of invention

Access to those who wish to source a technology or a material, possibly finding a company to
partner or collaborate with.