In today’s economic climate, securing commitment for pursuing an idea or working on a research project has become extremely difficult. We at i2pi believe that the reasons for resistance to adopt a new approach are justifiable and what is called as positive decision at times may be a matter of ignorance. To be certain, the simple solution we believe is to just check it out because what is not known does not imply “it does not exist”.

I2P innovations “I2pi” provides information intelligence, develops practicable innovations, facilitates and acts as an interface in providing access to the creative and innovative people for solving problems and developing innovative solutions collaboratively. The end users looking for materials, methods, market connectivity or facing R&D challenges may include: individuals, Academic and research Institutes, companies large and small.

We work with all entities with ideas that are in a practicable shape or ideas that need to be shaped. The solutions and strategies achieved are through combination of resources and expertise. Our experts with proven track are professionals working in variety of fields.